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Dirty Jokes In Cartoon Shows

There are two types of people in the world. Even though cartoons are made to entertain children the creators of many of these beloved shows like to throw in some adult humor in fact there are a number of series that sprinkled in dirty jokes in the kid s shows that went over the heads of the children but shocked the adults watching.

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Read em and weep for your childhood.

Dirty jokes in cartoon shows. These cartoons did incredibly well during their run dirty jokes and all. Some of the most beautifully crafted genuinely laugh out loud adult dirty jokes are so jaw droppingly filthy that you d feel a little weird even sharing them with a consenting adult at a bar after midnight. Disney movies nickelodeon shows and cartoon network specials sum up our entire.

Spongebob was just full of dick jokes and we didn t even realise. But boy does barney deliver with this one. Oh come on you can admit it.

A popular kid s cartoon in the 60 s the flintstones doesn t have very many dirty jokes per se. 33 dirty jokes in your favourite cartoons we bet you missed as a kid. Craig thompson 3 081 090 views.

Not all jokes need to be family friendly and g rated. While fred and barney are costume shopping barney says he wishes he were taller. But boy does barney deliver with this one.

Take a look at all of the things that totally went over your head as a kid. Well here are 20 of the most hilarious jokes found in cartoons that are borderline inappropriate for children. 1 the accident when your parents weren t expecting you and now you re their accident and unwanted pregnancy becomes a joke.

13 shares 2187 views. Dirty jokes you missed as a kid tv shows. Prints the animaniacs was full of subtle adult humor that flew over kids heads including this genius line where dot s confusion of prints versus prince leads to an extremely dirty innuendo.

Dirty jokes in classic cartoons the ultimate compilation duration. Here for your viewing pleasure are 50 very adult jokes shoehorned into classic kid s cartoons. Those who love dirty jokes and those who are lying.

22 dirty jokes that kids cartoons somehow got away with.

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